If given the chance to get ludicrously high with a grandparent, take it. Seriously. In a new soon-to-be-viral clip from Cut, a dude who clearly respects his elders gets blazed with his grandmother for the very first time and inadvertently learns a thing or three about his family history.

As occasional weed smoker Andrew notes at the beginning of the clip, cannabis-curious Helen is his grandmother. Helen, supposedly, has never smoked or otherwise consumed marijuana. "It was around," she tells Andrew of her childhood. "I grew up in the country and the teachers would say, now if you see strange cars outside, please stay away from them because we don't know what they're selling."

As the family smoke session continues with bong rips and rolled smokeables, Helen confesses that she was never really given the opportunity to experiment with substances when she was younger. "I was too busy working on the farm," she tells her grandson. "We didn't have any drugs. I was very straight-laced and very hardworking."

Later on during the weed-assisted discussion, Helen—to Andrew's surprise—expresses her appreciation for adult films. "Once you know what happens to people, you have to think about it," she advises. Damn. That's true.

This latest Strange Buds episode comes from the same team who brought us that equally revelatory smoking session featuring a rabbi, a priest, and an atheist. Despite their differing opinions on the alleged man in the sky, a good great time was had by all: