Why not dive into another iPhone 8 rumor while the water's still warm? The latest whispering comes via Sonny Dickson, praised by Tech Crunch as a "reliable iPhone leaker." According to Dickson, Apple may be considering a new direction in design:

Dickson's alleged schematics leak shows a place on the phone's rear for the Touch ID sensor. Additionally, the latest alleged leak suggests the new iPhone will be wider and taller than the current model. The Touch ID sensor relocation, however, is the most notable aspect of the design.


Just two days ago, MacRumors reported that equity research analyst Andy Hargreaves felt that Apple could be planning to ditch Touch ID on the new phone altogether. "Likely options for Apple include a delay of production or elimination of fingerprint sensing on the OLED iPhone," Hargreaves, who does analysis for Pacific Crest Securities, said. "We believe Apple continues to work on solving its optical fingerprint issue." Losing the Touch ID feature is still considered highly unlikely by many. If anything, moving the ID to the phone's rear has a greater chance of actually happening. 

The fresh Touch ID rumors follow an overwhelming amount of iPhone rumors in recent months. The anniversary phone is expected to boast a prominent design change, including a possible edge-to-edge display. MacRumors adds that the iPhone 8—due later this year—is also rumored to have a faster processor, wireless charging capabilities, a glass body, and no home button. Then again, there's also the possibility that none of these things will happen.