A 12-year- old boy has somehow managed to drive 1300 kilometres across New South Wales before being caught by police. He apparently tried to drive to Perth from Kendall, NSW, but was apprehended just short of the SA border. The arrest was made on Saturday at 11am, when Broken Hill Highway Patrol spotted a car whose bumper was comically dragging across the ground.

“Officers… stopped a motor vehicle on the Barrier Highway due to defects which made the vehicle hazardous,” a spokesperson said. The boy is unlikely to be charged due to his young age. According to Google Maps, it would have taken the boy 43 hours to reach his destination – and that’s without potty breaks.

The incident has been met with boos and cheers on social media. One user simply posted: “another out of control feral brat”, while another marvelled at the boy’s “kickass fuel economy”. One commenter even suggested that “he couldn’t hear the bumper dragging coz he was to (sic) busy busting out to the wiggles at full decibel”. While NSW Police say investigations are continuing, it’s probably safe to assume that the boy will be barred from all vehicles that aren’t Hot Wheels.