Graphic video out of Indianapolis shows two exotic dancers being beaten while on stage at the Cherri Palace night club on the west side of Indianapolis last Wednesday.

At one point in the video, a women is body-slammed by what appears to be a security guard, then is punched in the face while she is on the ground.

One of the women, Sharpee Bailey, told RTV6 that she doesn't "understand why all that force was even necessary," and neither of the women know why they were attacked. They have filed reports with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

This wasn't the only incident that went down at the Cherri Palace club that night; a second video shows a woman being kicked while she's lying on the floor.

Bailey and Jimmiesha Rankin reportedly travel from St. Louis to Indianapolis on a weekly basis to dance at the Cherri Palace, but after this incident, they are nursing their injuries and didn't even get to collect on the "floor full of money" from the night.

When RTV6 reached out to Cherri Palace management, they were directed to Genesis Security LLC, who hasn't released a statement yet. No arrests have been made, and no charges have been filed. Detectives are currently investigating the situation further.