If 2017 has proven anything, it's that people will take damn near any viral story involving an attractive person and "hashtag bae" it; we've already lived through #SaltBae#StrandedBae, #BootBae, #LoganBae, and #HurtBae, among many other hashtag bae's far and near. That point established, meet the woman being called #UberBae, a.k.a. an Uber driver who tweets as @Msixelaa and apparently picked up a ride request for a woman who she later found out was in some kind of a relationship with her boyfriend.

(First off, what a way to kick off a story.)

(This is when sh*t gets juicy.)


(Now, about that luggage...)

(It looks like homeboy hit her about his side chick's luggage, though?!)

Now the newly-christened #UberBae says she knows how to deal with these kinds of situations.

Facts. And for anyone wondering if she's jeopardizing her paper by tweeting what appears to be a story of her getting into a scuffle with someone she drove to a destination, she's keeping it 100 x 1,000.

And because we imagine some of you will be trying to holler, or just want to know if she's still with dude, here's your answer.