The best part of the gritty 1995 action drama Toy Story, by far, is when our hardened heroes Buzz Lightyear and Woody find themselves trapped inside a claw machine known as the Space Crane. Watching that daring action sequence, it's easy to wish you too could end up stuck inside a toy claw machine at a fictional pizza parlor. Somehow, this kid in Ireland figured out how to do some version of that, understandably eschewing the fictional Pizza Planet in favor of a local play centre.

"We were in a play centre here in Nenagh and I took my eyes off him for about five seconds as he walked towards the claw machine," Damien Murphy, father to industrious 3-year-old Jamie Bracken-Murphy, told the Irish Independent Tuesday. "I then heard a muffled complaint and when I looked up, he was behind the glass of the machine."

Murphy shared photos and video of the incident, including a helpful play-by-play, on Facebook:

At first, Murphy attempted to remove his son from the contained area of claw-centric fun himself. When that didn't work, Murphy alerted staff and was quickly assisted by an off-duty fireman who just so happened to be at the same play centre. The fireman, Murphy told the Irish Independent, was "quite experienced" in this sort of thing. "He told Jamie to crouch down and move back further into the machine, which he did calmly, and the fireman shimmied him out," Murphy said. A few toys incidentally made their way out of the machine during the rescue, which worked out pretty well for Jamie since he was allowed to keep them.

Buzz and Woody did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.