Breakups are always a hot mess—but they're not always viral Twitter threads. Last week, Complex spoke to #StrandedBae M'kalia, whose Valentine's Day extravaganza turned into a wild journey of Snapchat flicks, missed flights, and plenty of Twitter waves. Now, her ex-boyfriend and Twitter-drama counterpart Aaron wants to tell his side of the story, in his own words:

On the start of their relationship and red flags he noticed:
We were moving really fast. I just feel like we covered a lot of ground really quick, and it was just easy, you know what I mean? Both of us were into each other. So, everything was cool ... it started with her claiming me on Twitter and stuff ... so I claimed her back ... One thing that was different [with this relationship] was her mom was very involved very quick. [H]er mom wanted to know all the details. Her mom was contacting me. I didn't know what to say to her. Every time we got in an argument, she would tell her mom about it and her mom would try to get in the middle of it ... That was the first red flag I started seeing. Another thing was every time we got in an argument, she would try to go to Twitter and start talking shit. Regardless if she wouldn't say my name, she would generalize the tweets, and the way the tweets would come off would be talking about exactly what we just went through, and she would admit that she'd be talking about me. So, that was one of the other big things. 

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On the other woman...
[M'kalia] was my girlfriend, and I thought I was in love with her, yes. None of that's false ... I don't know if you heard about the whole #LoganBae stuff that's going on, but I met this girl named Logan, the girl that ended up having the bear at the end. I met her the Friday before M'Kalia came on Monday. Me and her vibed, and we were really cool, and we talked. But, we both came to the conclusion— like, I told her I had a girlfriend ... She ended up saying that she can't deal with somebody that has a girlfriend … but she threw in a little hint like: Oh, but if you and your girl ever break up...

On that fight caught on video...
We're just laying on the couch, everything seems to be cool. I guess I said something? I can't even remember. And she got an attitude, and she got up and she went into my bedroom ... I don't go in there to check on her. I looked at her Twitter, and she's bashing me ... like talking about loyalty and how niggas— niggas don't ever keep their promises and whatever the case is. Just goin' in, right?

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I know she's talking about me ... [but] I just closed my eyes and went to sleep on the couch ... I didn't address it. I just went to sleep ... She comes out at about two-thirty, like poking me, talking about, Aaron, get up, this and that ... I was like, I don't want to take you nowhere if you're gonna talk shit about me behind my back, in my house.

After she followed me into the room, she pushed me into the door and from there, that's when I grabbed her by her shoulders and I pulled her out of my room. Like, I didn't do anything extra. I just—self-defense. I got her out of my room, and closed the door and locked it. That's when that whole thing went down. I laid in my bed—that's when had the idea to start recording because before that, she was beating real tough on my door. So, that's when I got the idea to record it.

She was like, "Fuck this, I'm going home ... my mom's gonna get me a hotel and then she's gonna buy me a ticket for tomorrow." So, I was like, alright then, bro. She packed her bags and got dressed ... so, I'm like, alright, I'm not about to chase you ... I put her bags outside, and that's when she's like, "You dont' give a fuck about our relationship."

Like, my nigga, did you really just get dressed and pack all your bags to sit out here and see if Imma chase you or not? You should know better than that ... When I went back up there to talk, she wasn't tryna listen to me or nothing. So, that's when I left, and I met up with my homies and went to a club and I— remember the girl that I met, originally? She ended up helping me up.

On their break-up...
We were texting, and she was tryna get me to come back upstairs, and to stay there that night. I was already texting her like, yo, I don't know, this is just too much. I've been feeling a certain type of way, and like, it's just moving too fast. So, then, when I got back upstairs, and she was still doing the same shit, that's when I completely broke up with her ... I left ... I met up with my friends, and the other girl that I met the week before.

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On her possible eviction...
I come back around ten o'clock the next morning. She's talking about, "My family is getting evicted from my apartment, so when I get back, I might have to move back to Milwaukee." So I'm asking her, like, you know— still, she's not my girlfriend at this moment. We're still arguing, we're still fighting, but I ask her. I'm like yo, do you need anything? Is there anything I can do to help you? She's like nah, it's family stuff. So, from there, I never brought it back up.

I just figured she was gonna handle it ... I made it clear that even though this may not have worked out, she could still ask me for stuff ... From there, we didn't sleep in the same bed. There's only one night left. She leaves at 6:15 on Saturday ... That Friday, we didn't do nothing. We just sat here and watched movies, like, a lot of silence. A lot of just, awkwardness. A few words exchanged here and there ... She's like, "You know I don't have nowhere to go." She was like, "Every time I need you to be there for me, you're never there."

I was like, "What the fuck are you talking about?" She was like, "You know I don't have anywhere to go when I get back to Houston." I was like, " I didn't know that. What do you mean you have nowhere to go when you get to Houston?" She was like, "My family got evicted, and they just up and left. They left all our stuff in Houston and just went to Wisconsin." I was like, "When did they leave?" She was like, "They just left an hour ago." I was like, "What? So you don't have nobody to stay with or nothing?" You know what I mean? "Cuz you can't stay here. You don't got nobody to stay with?"

Mind you, we're broken up ... I'm not her boyfriend, and we've only been together for four weeks ... So, I was like, "Do you have friend that you can stay with?"... She was like, "I don't have any friends!" This and that ... I'm like, bro. You got a whole sister down there with a house, you know what I mean? You can figure out where you can stay. So, at this point, I'm still just like, yo, you still gotta get packin' ... Cuz I can't do this! And I had work at five.

@KashMoneyKanee so this nigga surprised me & got this tshirt made, I was like oh shit this nigga really all about me. Okay bet.

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On the airport #stranding...
I had some obligations that I had to do but I didn't know how long it was gonna take. That's why I was like, Imma drop you off at the airport at 3 ...we're on the way to the airport. I was like, this is the time to start calling people, you know what I mean? To figure out where you're gonna stay because there's gotta be somebody that can at least let you stay there for a night until you can find somewhere else to stay for the next night. Like, you gotta be grown in this situation right now. I was like, so, Imma drop you off—if I'm done with my stuff by the time ... your flight leaves, then I'll call you. I never said I was gonna come back and get her. Why would I drop you off at the airport just to come back and get you?

I take her to the airport, all that shit goes down, and then I get out of work. My boy picks me up, we go to a party. Now, I had already blocked her from my messages, but then I had unblocked her and I'm like, okay. Let me at least see if she got home and stuff, right? She's hittin up all my friends asking for me ... there's a lot going on, but I'm like, did this chick really miss her flight?

She gets on Snapcha … She sees the snap that I put up with my boys, she starts cussing me out and stuff like that. All the while I'm still wondering why she's not in Texas. So, she's like, you said you were gonna come back and get me ... I was like, when did I say that?

She's blowing me up, talking about this, this and that ... And I was like, okay ... I don't see why you're still at the airport. You need to get on a plane to go back home because you can't stay with me ... She's like, "That's why I'm coming to your house. I'm on my way right now ... I'm about to come and bust your windows out. I'm about to come in and bang on your doors and make hella noise!"

[A]s soon as she says she's gonna come to my house, I was with shorty [Logan]. I had already made the decision that I was gonna start talking to her because me and her was cool. Ever since Thursday, when she helped me out with that situation and she cooled me down and she made me not do nothing stupid. I just realized that she was cool, and I was like, "I'm single now." ... As soon as she leaves, I'm just waiting until she leaves to fuck with her.

On the police at his house...
As soon as I got word that she said she was coming, I didn't take that shit lightly because I definitely believed she was crazy enough to do it ... I called the non-emergency line for Alexandria, Virginia, and I just pretty much gave them a rundown of what she looked like, and just telling them that she could possibly come back to my crib and start some shit. [T]hey were like ... if she comes back, then call us. We'll already have somebody in the area patrolling. We're already on watch for her. So, she comes banging at my door. That's when I called the police. They were there immediately. They come upstairs, and she's like, "Open this fuckin' door!" She just won't go away.

And then, they knock on the door ... they were like, "... She's down the hallway, so we just wanna get a word with you and see exactly what's going on."... I opened up the door [and] told him what happened. They're pretty much like, yeah, it's not your responsibility and this and that. The only problem we have is, shorty took a cab all the way out here with no money.

So, that's when I realized that she really didn't have no money! … They're like, yeah we want you to pay for her cab. I was like, "Why should I have to pay for her cab if she took this cab over here to fuck my windows and fuck up my crib? Why would I pay for that? Why would I pay for her threat?" They're like yeah, yeah, we understand. You don't have to. We're just asking you because, possibly, the cop has the right to press charges, and she can go to jail for larceny. I was like, "Look, man. I'm sorry. But that's not my problem." The whole time I'm still trying not to feel bad.

for her cab fair.... My nigga ends up paying it & police end up escorting her away from my house...

— Swervo 🇧🇿 (@KashMoneyKanee) February 20, 2017

On trying to keep the relationship civil...
So, that's when I texted her, and was like, yo, did you eat? She was like, "Nigga, fuck you!” I was like, bro, that's not what I asked ... So, I sent her ten dollars through Snapcash to the email that she has, cuz I told her to download the app. (Before she had came down here I told her to download the app because one day, she was having a bad day and I was like, yeah, Imma send you some money to get lunch, and I sent her like twenty dollars to get lunch on me.)

… She started bashing me on Twitter, that's why I put the Snap up of my and ol' girl. Me and ol' girl was just friends, we just chillin', you know what I mean? ... That's when she started making the whole thread. That's when I posted the snap. So, when she made that whole thread on Twitter ... that's when I was sitting here with all my friends, and they're like, "Yo, just don't respond. Don't give her no hype.”

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On that famous mouse...
I don't even wanna address the mouse ... First of all, I didn't see a mouse in my apartment 'til she got here. Second of all, you just took it upon yourself to videotape it, so you knew you was being sneaky from the first place, cuz you didn't show me that video when I got here. You told me I had a mouse, but you didn't show me the video ... She tryna play me out like I'm some dirty nigga that just lives in some dirty house that just don't got no money. She talkin' bout she put food in my house. Bitch, no you didn't. You tried to steal my debit card. You probably tried to order food off of it that night that I left, before you realized I paused it.

On how he feels about her now...
I don't wish no ill on her, because, honestly, she's done it before ... Honestly, I wanted to leave it alone, but the only reason I hit y'all is because she's really tryna decimate my character. I don't want this to affect me in the long run. Like, that story can be out there. But as long as my story's up there with it, then I'm cool.

at this point, I'm done with this crazy ass bitch...

— Swervo 🇧🇿 (@KashMoneyKanee) February 20, 2017