Every city is filled with its own unique wonders, but if you’re one of its natives, odds are you may take some of its unique features for granted. Sometimes it takes the clear eyes of an outsider to see these hidden treasures for the true beauty they possess.

Anthony Supreme is an outsider—not just of Los Angeles, the city he now lives in, but in the way he approaches his photography. “Not being from here, I have a fresh perspective on things some people might overlook,” he says. “The inspiration is everywhere.”

But Anthony doesn’t necessarily derive inspiration from familiar L.A. landmarks like the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood sign, or the infamous “Walk of Fame.” He finds it on Los Angeles’ shorelines, high in its mountaintops, or tucked in the basin of the L.A. River. That’s because Anthony is someone who seeks to “Know the Unknown.” With an insatiable curiosity, he is on an endless quest to better understand the world he inhabits—and that desire is clearly reflected in his work.

Toyota is celebrating those who approach their cities—and their lives—in this way, because that’s the mindset Toyota had when designing its 2017 RAV4. This is a vehicle that removes all barriers and encourages these curious souls to surrender to their impulsive side, knowing that they can leap into whatever adventure they find with complete and total confidence. 

As for Anthony, his biggest fear isn’t failure. It’s complacency. Lucky for him—and us—that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an issue. “Photography is about exploring,” he says, “and knowing the unknown.” And the journey to find those answers, no matter how rewarding, is one that never ends.

You can hear more from Anthony Supreme on how he seeks to “Know the Unknown” in the video above, brought to you by the Toyota RAV4.