This POV Footage of an Eagle Hunting a Fox Is Wild

Every wanted to get a bird's eye view of a fox hunt? GoPro's got you covered.

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Recently, French officials announced that they've been breeding eagles to be drone killers. It's quite the sight to see an eagle hone in on an unsuspecting drone and take it out, but all of those videos are from far away... until now. The folks at GoPro brought some cameras to Mongolia and attached them to these amazing Burkitshi eagles, which were hunting fox with "a nomadic group of Kazakhs."

While the entire video is pretty dope, it takes a bit for the real action to kick off.

Beautiful. Further along, we get to see the eagle in pursuit, and with the GoPro strapped to its back, it's beautiful.

For a bit, we just see soaring eagles, so shouts to the editor who made sure we saw that fox lounging on the ground.

From the looks of it (and definitely by the sound of it), the eagle seems to have gotten that fox, but because it's GoPro and not Planet Earth, we don't see the result of the eagle sinking those talons into the fox.

Give that eagle a medal (or at least something to snack on).

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