Are you part of the crowd that doesn't f*ck with Hawaiian pizza? That's cool. But you'll probably be dying for a piece of pizza with pineapples on it after hearing about what a Texas woman decided to do with a slice recently.

According to Buzzfeed, Dallas resident Mariam experimented by dipping her pizza in milk. If that sounds disgusting to you, you might not want to look at this photo that's been going around:

Yeah, slow down, fam. At least that's what a large portion of Twitter users started to say when they heard the pizza on milk chatter:


"I can confirm," Mariam told Buzzfeed, "milk on pizza is way better than pineapples on pizza. Milk and cheese are in the same category, whereas pineapples and cheese are complete opposites."

Yeah, you're correct about milk and cheese, but this just sounds gross. One thing Mariam isn't feeling, however, is the hate being thrown over her milky pizza.

"The negative responses just go on to show that people are too sensitive and will judge anything before trying it,” she told Buzzfeed, which is real.

But interestingly enough, there are some Twitter users who are riding this milk x pizza wave:

Truth be told, I'm on the fence. No discrimination if you like dipping your pizza in milk (or anything, tbh), but it just doesn't sound (or look) appetizing. Go with God, though.

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