Alfredo Pelicci, a 28-year-old lawyer from Washington D.C. became an internet hero Saturday, after video of him trolling Kellyanne Conway went viral.

Pelicci ran into Conway at D.C. restaurant Lupo Verde, and told BuzzFeed News that after spotting the White House adviser and her bodyguard, he approached her and asked for a selfie.

Conway was more than happy to oblige, but had no idea what Pelicci had up his sleeve. Instead of snapping a photo, he pressed record instead, and told Conway to say “I’m ruining America!”

Conway almost immediately retreated to her phone, and said “Happy? You must feel really brave saying that.”

Though the video cuts out after Conway’s initial response, Pelicci said that “she kept continually saying, ‘You’re so brave! You should be happy!’ and her tone became less professional as I was walking away.”

Once the clip surfaced, Pelicci immediately rose to cult hero status. 

Conway has in many ways, become one of the faces of Trump’s administration, thanks to a series of infuriating television appearances where she’s repeatedly demonstrated a, shall we say, loose relationship with the truth.

Whether she’s able to spin getting totally owned by some random dude in a restaurant, remains to be seen.