During Barack Obama and Joe Biden's time in the White House, many memes were born. So. Many. Memes. But as Biden's daughter revealed in a new interview with Moneyish, one meme rose above the rest:

Ashley Biden revealed on Monday that Joe "sat there for an hour and laughed" when she introduced him to the growing collection of memes inspired by his friendship with Barack. His favorite, featuring a 2012 pic of the Bidens and Obamas on election night, imagines Barack letting Joe down easy by reminding him that their meme-ified union has a shelf life of eight years.

Ashely recently launched a made-in-America collection of hoodies with Gilt under the Livelihood banner, with all proceeds going to underprivileged communities in the D.C. and Delaware regions. "I talked to Michelle and the President about it and they were really excited," she told Moneyish. According to Ashley, Joe recently rocked one of her blue zip-downs at dinner instead of his traditional two-piece ensemble.

Biden recently gave a speech at South by Southwest, urging tech titans to join his efforts in fighting cancer. "You could make a gigantic impact," Biden said Sunday, according to the Los Angeles Times. "We need your ingenuity. You could have a profound impact on cancer." Beau Biden, Joe's son, died of brain cancer in 2015.