Fragile little snowflake Donald Trump. Jr, whose dad got more than a few mentions during Monday's House Intelligence Committee hearing, took time out of his busy schedule as a Tyrell Wellick impersonator to address all of us who were taking the piss out of this weird photo of him:

Pretty weird, right? The photo, which features Trump. Jr. attempting to sit atop a log while dressed in his finest peasant outfit, was (of course!) widely memed:

Trump Jr. told "#haters" to "#tryharder" in an Instagram post Sunday, equating himself with the great Salt Bae:

I don't give a fuck how someone chooses to hold their body while in a seated position. Hell, you could stand up forever for all I care. But to compare yourself with Salt Bae? That's quite a stretch, mostly because all those Salt Bae memes were born out of mutual admiration for Nusret Gökçe's skills as a butcher. The Trump Jr. memes were, um, not that at all.

The Trump Jr. photo, captured by George Etheredge, originates from a recent New York Times profile. In the accompanying interview, Trump Jr. claimed to be super into the outdoors life. "For some people — you see that in New York a lot — they go hunting once every other year and they talk about it at a cocktail party for the next two years until they do it again," he said. "For me, it is the way I choose to live my life."

And here he is living that life:

He's sure as hell not Salt Bae material.