Insane video is hitting the news wire this morning depicting a scene straight out of a movie.

According to a report from ABC, a 25-year-old Alabama woman found a way to escape the trunk she was said to have been locked in, finding a way out of an alleged kidnapping. Birmingham police took the woman's statement, in which she said an unidentified man approached her with a gun and demanded money as she was getting into her Birmingham apartment. She said she didn't have any funds to give him, so the man reportedly forced her into his trunk.

As the story goes, the man stopped inside a convenience store, where the woman is said to have found a way to pop the trunk. Birmingham Police released this image of the alleged kidnapper.

Either way, her ingenuity lead to one of the most dramatic things you'll see this week.

The woman is said to have suffered minor injuries after her successful escape, and ran into the convenience store to call 911. As of right now, the suspect is on the loose, but police are on the hunt.