An outbreak of violence outside a Cincinnati Nightclub has produced what is being labeled the deadliest mass shooting of 2017. At least 15 people were injured during the melee early Sunday morning, with one individual's injuries proving fatal. Cincinnati Police Department Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate said there is no indication the shooting was linked with terrorism. 

The shooting occurred at Cameo Nightclub, which local outlets describe as a warehouse-style dance club on Cincinnati’s East End neighborhood. After initial reports of multiple shooters, Police later said there was a single shooter reported. Authorities are investigating whether anyone else was involved, and according to Neudigate there is no known motive. By all indications, no description of the suspect was given, and police are having trouble obtaining statements from witnesses—many of which fled the scene.

Two victims have been treated and released from Bethesda North Hospital, with two more in stable condition at nearby Christ Hospital. One additional shooting victim was treated and released at Mercy Anderson, while another was treated and released at Mercy West.

“I do believe it was a very large crowd earlier this evening when it started," Cincinnati Police Department Captain Kimberly Williams told WCPO-TV. “But just a lot of chaos, obviously, when the shots went off—people just trying to get out of the way, get out of harm’s way.”

Williams added a detail of four security officers were outside the club, but none were inside of the venue when the shots were fired. CNN has described Cameo as a “hip-hop nightclub.”

“There were two shootings at the nightclub in 2015: one on New Year’s Day, when someone was shot in the foot, and another in September, when a shooting victim was found in the parking lot,” noted Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT.