A Texas teacher says she was canned after her previous career as a porn actress was brought to light. Science teacher Resa Woodward was first pulled from her duties last November and is now "fighting termination," the Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday. Woodward taught sixth grade at the Young Women's STEAM Academy at Balch Springs Middle School in Dallas.

"I taught in an all-girls STEAM academy that was all about empowerment for women," Woodward told the Dallas Morning News. "The sad thing is that if these girls find out that I'm being punished for something that I did nearly 20 years ago and had no control of and fought to get out of, well, what does that say about empowerment?"

Woodward's porn name, Robyn Foster, is credited on productions dating back to 2001 and also appears on a 2013 compilation film. An "anonymous tip" to the school district was placed in March 2016, prompting an internal review that initially cleared Woodward of any violations of policy. However, once her previous porn career became public knowledge last year, Woodward was pulled from the school.

The Dallas Morning News notes that Woodward's status as a "well-known" Libertarian Party of Texas activist inadvertently led to her porn past being revealed. An unidentified man claiming to also be a Libertarian Party advocate reportedly took issue with one of Woodward's Facebook posts and then "detailed her past on social media."

Woodward, who says she was "forced" into the porn industry when living with an "older man" amid financial struggles, is now considering multiple options to fight her firing. District spokesperson Robyn Harris, however, told reporters that Woodward was simply on "administrative leave" as of this week.