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Parent sex, brick shitting, and shit-flavored chocolate aren't usually leading topics during a job interview. However, according to seemingly outrageous allegations published by the Daily Mail and other similarly regarded outlets, one 18-year-old TGI Fridays U.K. applicant was quizzed on all three.

"I'd already had a successful phone interview and I was really looking forward to this," the unnamed Chellaston resident claimed. "I was quite excited but also a little nervous. It was a company I had heard good things about and I thought this job would suit me. The first question I was asked was whether I would rather watch my parents have sex for a year or join in just for the start. I was absolutely gobsmacked."

Really bad options. The alleged TGI Fridays hopeful was then reportedly asked to choose between the following equally bad options before eventually walking out of the interview:

  • shit a brick or cry glass
  • eat chocolate-flavored shit or eat shit-flavored chocolate

Honestly, eating chocolate-flavored shit sounds like the way to go.

The Derby Telegraph reported Thursday that a TGI Fridays spokesperson had confirmed the suspension of the employee responsible for the alleged comments about bricks, glass, chocolate, and whatnot. "The questions posed during the interview with the candidate are absolutely not part of TGI Friday's interview process and we were very disappointed to learn of this incident," the spokesperson said. "Immediate action was taken, with the person involved suspended. We have apologized to the candidate for the experience and offered them the opportunity to re-interview with us, which we hope they will take up​."

TGI Fridays did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.