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UPDATE 2/27/17: Papa John's issued the following statement via email: "We are currently investigating this claim but it is our policy not to comment on pending litigation."

See original story below.

The idea of pizza annoying someone to the point of legal action sounds, at best, like an ill-conceived fantasy. But according to a hunger-inducing report from TMZ, that shit reportedly happened. A man is suing Papa John's after the company allegedly "bombarded him with text messages," an inconvenience he claims has caused him serious distress.

The pizza controversy started back in March when a man identified by TMZ as Jonathan Anozie started getting text messages from the Papa John's team about pizza discounts. Anozie, according to his claims, received a text regarding a deal in which pizza-minded consumers could score two large ones with as many as five toppings for the seemingly reasonable price of just under 10 American dollars. Apparently not interested in this offer, Anozie reportedly replied with "STOP" to cancel his conversation with the pizza chain. According to TMZ, the "STOP" command did not work.

Following these alleged pizza texts, Anozie says he now suffers from a variety of unfortunate conditions including "significant anxiety, frustration, and annoyance." As fellow pizza consumers will agree, approximately none of those ingredients are traditionally available as add-ons at your local Papa John's. Humor, however, can allegedly be added at no extra charge:

Papa John's did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment. I did, however, immediately respond to my own request to order some Papa John's. According to reports, it will be delicious.