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A British man reportedly hid his girlfriend's corpse in a cupboard for more than a year, according to reports. Andrew Reade is expected to serve a custodial sentence and undergo a psychiatric evaluation after he pleaded guilty to stowing the corpse of his former girlfriend in an airing cupboard for 15 months.

The whereabouts of Victoria Cherry had remained unknown since October of 2015, when her family filed a missing persons report, according to the Manchester Evening News. In the ensuing time, Reade reportedly lied to authorities, his friends and Cherry’s family while continuing to host guests in the same one-bedroom residence where he was hiding her corpse.

“I used to sleep there on the regular,” Gary Sleeman, a neighbor, told the Evening News. “I was friends with both of them. He told me she’d left him after she went to the hospital. He told me she had left him to go back to her mum’s.”

Neighbors say Reade dismissed the smell of Cherry’s decomposing body as a result of the previous tenant who occupied the one-room flat. According to authorities, Cherry’s body was found during a raid in January of 2016, but it’s unclear how Reade was able to get her corpse in the first place.

“We had no reason to doubt him,” added Reade’s neighbor Glen Kerwin. “He kept up a good front. How did he manage to keep it under wraps for so long?”

Authorities still do not know the cause of Cherry’s death, and given how long her body was allowed to decompose in Reade’s residence, proper testing to determine how she died will likely be even more difficult.

Andrew Reade is currently being held at Forest Bank Prison in the Agecroft area of Pendlebury near Manchester, England.