We all knew a kid growing up who would spazz out after a hit or two of that good chocolate milk, especially if it was from that Nesquik bunny. That sh*t was crack, figuratively, but news out of Spain has us wondering if Nesquik is crack... literally.

All jokes aside, Mirror Online reports that a man in Spain found a wild surprise in the container of Nesquik he copped from his local supermarket—a 250g packet of coke. That is about £11,000 of cocaine, or $13,724 if you know how to convert the British pound to American dollar.

The unsuspecting coke owner says when he got home, he noticed something odd about the container; the lid was slightly off. When he opened the tub of Nesquik to investigate, that's when he discovered the stash. Dude immediately called the cops, but as of right now, they don't know who actually owned the cocaine. Surveillance footage from the supermarket's cameras gave no leads, but now dude who inadvertently got fronted ~$14,000 worth of coke is shook, and is apparently suing the supermarket for "moral damage." He is saying that the story, which is said to have gone viral in Spain, has him shook because he was trying to keep things low-key; what if the original recipients of the cocaine are on his case, staking out the supermarket until they find dude and give him the business?

Ultimately, if you're shopping, you need to stay on your Ps and Qs. You don't want to become an unfortunate drug mule by accident.