Are you planning on hitting a safari at some point, preferably the Bannerghatta National Park near Bangalore, India? Make sure you're careful, those lions will climb all over your sh*t.

In a video that recently hit TV9, we see a car casually strolling through the safari when a lioness decides to survey the vehicle. More than likely up to some nefarious dealings, no doubt.

It seemed like everything was chill until the alpha male Mufasa looking ass lion rolled through.

There's no word on what this Mufasa head ass wanted, because lions don't talk, but if we were to come up with a guess, it'd be that he was trying to eat everything moving.

Now we imagine many of you are saying "why are they cruising so slowly?" We don't know, but it looks like that was the right tactic; when Mufasa realized this meal was on the move, and he couldn't even open a window? He probably remembered some random animal he left in wait.



As always, if you're trying to hit one of these "natural safaris," you better stay all of the way woke. We have a feeling all lions aren't this passive.