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Breaking: Cop fight. That's essentially the set-up behind this clip of a recent incident involving a deputy jailer and a sheriff's deputy in Hardin County, Kentucky. Joe Funk was arrested Feb. 8 following the "dispute" with Deputy Clennon Smith, WAVE 3 News reported. Funk was suspended with pay the very next day. Smith, however, remains on duty.

The fight reportedly started when Smith attempted to hand an inmate’s property to Funk, who is accused of "throwing the property back." The deputy is later seen pushing Funk before the action truly begins and the two are promptly separated. According to a police report obtained by WAVE 3 News, Smith accused Funk of refusing to put his hands behind his back once informed he was being arrested. Smith then allegedly "punched Funk several times." Funk's injuries were reported to include a bloody nose, swollen lip, and hand bruising.

Funk now faces charges of resisting arrest, assault, and menacing. He is due to make a court appearance Friday. In a brief presser earlier this week, Hardin County Sheriff John Ward confirmed the case had been reviewed and the deputy had not been suspended. "All I'm going to say at this time is there's an open investigation," Ward told the News-Enterprise.

Speaking of Kentucky, the Kentucky House of Representatives passed its own "Blue Lives Matter" bill Monday. HB 14 passed 77-13 in the House and now heads to the state Senate, the Courier-Journal reported. Under the bill, the targeting of cops and other first responders would be a hate crime. The potential legislation has been criticized as a divisive and racist act by Black Lives Matter activists.