Utah resident Kain Blackwing has been charged with attempted murder after he and two of his wives plotted to murder a 14-year-old girl who Blackwing was accused of sexually abusing, the Daily News reports.

Blackwing reportedly had his wives dress as ninjas when they broke into the girl’s home just four days before she was scheduled to testify against Blackwing in court.

When the women entered the home, they were greeted by the girl’s mother and her fiancé (Blackwing’s half-brother), who fought the women off using a sword. “She came at me with a stun gun, and I instinctively blocked it with my arm, and I hit her in the head, then proceeded to jump on top of her,” the man told KUTV about the confrontation. “I grabbed my sword on the mantle, unsheathed it and told her to sit down, that if she moved, she would lose body parts.”

Once apprehended, the women, aged 22 and 19, told authorities about the plot allegedly concocted by their husband. Blackwing reportedly convinced the women to commit murder by comparing it to playing a video game and using code names for their targets like “Guards,” “Juggernaut,” and “Boss.”

Blackwing believed that if the girl was murdered, he would be set free. Instead, he faces new charges that include solicitation for aggravated murder, conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, and attempted aggravated murder. The women were convicted of multiple crimes including aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, and retaliation against a witness or victim. While the 19-year-old woman was given probation, Raven Blackwing faces up to 15 years in prison.