Back in February of 2016, we found out that law enforcement officials in the Netherlands were teaching eagles how to take out drones. The act of disabling drones has been spreading, with Tokyo developing tech that can take these annoying buggers out, but it looks like French officials like where the Dutch are taking it, and have get their own drone-disabling eagles on the case.

According to The Local, the French Air Force thinks that drones should be considered "a credible threat for a terrorist mode of action on our national territory just as they do for external operations." And if that's the case, these eagles need to take. Them. OUT!

Why eagles? Well, it's easier (and cheaper) to train an eagle to do the work of these "jammers" that exist to do the same thing. The eagles have been at it since last summer, and it looks like French officials have a simple way of getting the eagles find the drones. "They have been taught that there is food on the drones, and now when they see one of these devices they intercept. We are training them not just to attack them, but to detect them."

Aside from being less expensive, it also looks cool as hell. Imagine being out somewhere and being horrified that a drone might shoot you dead, only to see a bald eagle swoop in and disable it. That's beautiful.