Surveillance footage from a McDonald's in Ohio shows the moment a woman tried to hand off her toddler at the drive-thru following an allegedly violent encounter with the child's father. Jessica Wilson attempted to hand their two-year-old daughter to an employee at a Hamilton County McDonald's before Levenski Crossty intercepted the child and drove away, reported Tuesday.

The incident, which occurred in July 2016, is the focus of a trial beginning this week in which Crossty is accused of felonious assault, theft, and "multiple counts of abduction and kidnapping." According to Wilson, Crossty broke into her home by knocking out a window air conditioning unit. Assistant prosecutor Matthew Broo described the evening as a "night of sheer terror" for Wilson, adding that Crossty broke in to confront her about allegedly being "unfaithful."

Once Crossty entered the residence, cops say he "assaulted" Wilson and forced her and her four children (including their two-year-old daughter) into her Pontiac Grand AM. They then stopped at multiple locations before ending up at McDonald's. According to's original report from July, Wilson was later transported to Good Samaritan Hospital with "serious facial injuries" and bite marks.

During opening statements this week, Crossty's lawyer Stephan Madden said the encounter was a misdemeanor domestic incident and disputed abduction accusations. "There is no abduction, there is no kidnapping, there is no theft," Madden said, adding that Crossty reportedly dropped the children off at the residence of Wilson's father after the attempted drive-thru handoff. Madden also said Wilson was "intoxicated" at the time, reported.