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On Friday Donald Trump spoke at CPAC. Here's your quick round-up:

First off, at some point, some prankster handed out Russian flags that had 'Trump' written on it, and a bunch of people waved them. You'd think a prank like that would be harder to pull off, but some people will wave anything. In fairness, most of the world's flags are generic and stupid. Come at me, descendants of Betsy Ross. But it's a solid prank regardless:

Somebody quickly caught on and they got taken away. Afterward, anybody who continued to wave them was threatened to get their a** booted out: 

There were also some "Lock her up!" chants:

A boast about a six-block long line that the media failed to cover because it wasn't real:

And the president saying that he believes in free speech on the same day a bunch of major media outlets got held out from a White House press gaggle. He's good with the irony stuff...we'll give him that:

He also whined about "fake news" for the thousandth time:

And called CNN the "Clinton News Network" for the...20th time? Who knows? 

CNN did have a response to Trump trashing them (and keeping them from the aforementioned press gaggle):

You can watch the whole thing here if, for some reason, you want to.