Just last week, it was reported that a woman in India had to have a cockroach extracted from her skull and feeling it crawl inside of her head, which is highkey the most disgusting thing we've heard in a while. Now comes a story of another person—this time a 60-year-old man in China—having to get a cockroach removed from their head.

According to The South China Morning Post, the cockroach crawled into his ear on February 1. The man is said to have tried a number of different techniques on his own, including using tweezers, toothpicks, to remove the insect, but ended up spraying a pesticide into his ear canal (tf?!) to kill the cockroach, which was a success. That didn't mean the roach would leave, though, so now homeboy had a dead-ass cockroach stuck in his ear canal, which then got irritated because he sprayed chemicals directly into his skull. So, off to the hospital he was to get it removed from a licensed professional.

For those of you wondering why a cockroach would crawl into someone's ear (or any other orifice), the answer is simple: they are cold and are seeking warmth. If this disgusting incident ever happens to you or a loved one, doctor's recommend pouring clean oil in the inhabited crevice instead of water. Or you can just sleep with ear plugs in.

Or just, you know, get rid of whatever cockroach problem you have. Or move.