The nightmare of public transportation is horrific enough for us passengers, particularly when biting the bullet and taking the bus. But what about the person driving that bus? Let's consult the following footage above.


"Coming up [the snow] was extremely bad, but going down the roads are much better," the driver told the reporter Thursday before, out of camera sight, some travelers apparently attempted to eschew payment protocol. Technically, as the BroBible scholars point out, this bus driver's understandable shit-losing happened in Bucks County outside of Philadelphia. But an important lesson still stands for those considering the bus for today's travels: YOU GOTTA PAY.

Naturally, this payment-enforcing bus driver now has fans:

Too damn funny!😂😂 @FOX29philly @KeeleyFox29 @mikefox29 #JimmyKimmel #SnowDay2017 #Niko

— OfficialMisterC (@OfficialMisterC) February 10, 2017

One person also appears to be able to see into the future:

Amazing. The last time we talked about sneaking onto the bus, we had to endure a whole damn story about a huge snake trying to score a free ride in Brooklyn. Don't be that snake.