Donald Trump's brazen claims on Twitter have become a part of the news cycle in 2017—becoming President of the United States will do that. He tried to use the social media platform to promote his message yet again Saturday morning and tapped the ire of Bernie Sanders, who is not having any of his nonsense.

Trump's fascination with crowd size just doesn't seem to go away, and he once again made the claim that his movement would draw the biggest crowds:

Sanders, who has been consistent in his total disdain for the Trump administration, replied to him with pictures comparing the crowd size at Trump's inauguration to the gathering in D.C. at the Women's March the very next day:

As you might expect, Twitter reacted with glee to Sanders' public evisceration of Trump's unfounded claim:

Trump and Sanders haven't disagreed on everything; the Vermont Senator expressed his support in January for Trump's executive order officially pulling America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Sanders was clear that he was happy the TPP was "dead and gone," and went so far as to say he'd be "delighted to work with [President Trump]" if he made an effort to benefit American workers.

On most issues, however, Sanders and Trump remain diametric opposites. Moments like these are a window into an alternate universe where these two went head-to-head in the 2016 election, and if this interaction is any indication, Sanders would have more than held his own against the current president.