If it has the Apple logo on it, you know that design is a must. They pay such attention to detail, primarily to keep in line with their aesthetic while providing comfort for their users. According to a new report from Reuters , Apple's aesthetic goes all the way down to their toilets.

Reuters got an in-depth look at that huge facility Apple built in Cupertino; you know, the one that's been compared to a spaceship? That's the one. Many are calling attention to this intriguing piece of information.

"Architect German de la Torre, who worked on the project, found many of the proportions – such as the curve of a rounded corner – came from Apple’s products. The elevator buttons struck some workers as resembling the iPhone’s home button; one former manager even likened the toilet’s sleek design to the device," journalist Julia Love writes.

It gets deeper, though: "But [architect German] de la Torre ultimately saw that Apple executives were not trying to evoke the iPhone per se, but rather following something akin to the Platonic ideal of form and dimension."

If you've ever thought about what it'd be like to take a dump on an iPhone, you might need to get hired by Apple at Cupertino. Or just build a throne of iPhones. Whatever works for you.