Trying to take a selfie with a crocodile sounds like a really dumb thing to do. But then again, people try to do all sorts of really stupid things for the sake of getting the perfect social media shot. So it’s not all that surprising to hear that a 41-year-old French tourist recently tried to take a selfie with a crocodile during a trip to Khao Yai National Park in Thailand.

What’s also not surprising is that the female croc responded by becoming very uncooperative. According to The Mirror, the reptile got aggressive after the woman and her husband crouched down next to it, and it bit the woman in the thigh just as she snapped her photo. The woman had to be rescued from the crocodile’s clench and rushed from the scene immediately so that she could receive medical treatment. She is expected to survive, but she didn’t end up with the selfie she wanted and the remainder of her trip to Thailand was likely ruined by the experience.

As for the crocodile, it fled from the scene shortly after biting the woman and has not been found. But the park reportedly has more than enough signs warning tourists against engaging with crocs and—hello!—it seems like it should be common sense for people not to try to take selfies with them. So can you really blame the croc for reacting the way it did? The woman is just lucky to still be alive after what she attempted to do.