Facebook, at the time of this writing, is still full of the most consistently annoying people on the planet. From people mindlessly sharing surprisingly old and/or straight-up fabricated news stories to distant relatives adding you to groups like FREE IPAD GIVEAWAY, Facebook is still very much the worst. Ironically, one of the worst Facebookers of all time is the dude who kinda started this whole thing, Mark Zuckerberg

But, hey, that's an easy fix right? Just block Blarf Zuckersplurge and be on your way! Not so fast:

After peeping this horrifying tweet, Gizmodo's William Turton decided to put this theory to the test. "I could block Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO, and Zuckerberg's wife, Priscilla Chan," Turton reported Tuesday. "But not Zuck. He is invulnerable to blockage." Hmmm. In the name of journalism or whatever IDK, I too tried to block Bark Fuckerberg:

Ya can't block Mark.
Image via Facebook

Well played, Zark Muffledirge. We can't avoid you, the founder and CEO of Facebook, on Facebook. But how bad can this possibly be, you ask? Well, Stark Hummingbird's most recent Facebook post included the phrase "Let's do this," meaning THIS IS ALL PRETTY BAD.

For clarity, we've reached out to Zuckleberry to see what this whole You Can't Block Me Hahahaha campaign is all about:

Blocking Mark: hard
Image via Facebook

To really stick it to him, perhaps consider the findings of a recent study published in Cyberphysiology, Behavior, and Social Networking. According to Forbes, the study found that taking a break from the Facebook grind can "considerably" improve one's mental health.