Like it or not, we're living in a virtual reality world. PlayStation VR is alive and well, there's all kinds of VR porn popping off. There's even some kind of smell-o-vision getting added to VR viewing. It's really that new wave, and while you wouldn't be wrong to say "this is kid's stuff," we need to get the elderly just as woke on virtual reality as you are... even if it means scaring tf out of your grandmother.

In this video that's popping up on our timelines, a family does just that, putting their dear, sweet grandmother on what sounds like the virtual roller coaster ride from hell. It starts out with gran tripping over some birds (how high is she?), and trying to hold onto the cart for dear life. Shit gets so real that grandma kicks off her slippers.

VR can be a trip, but we're not sure anyone is using the technology to its fullest potential; something about this grandmother's experience makes us want to cop a system ASAP. Anyone trying to go half on an Oculus?