First things first, we should begin this with another friendly reminder that you should drink more water because water is everything. When not drinking it, perhaps you can put some of your cherished H2O to good use by filming yourself dousing a poorly drawn stick figure. But WHY?!?! For the fairly easily amused among us, we present this:

As Gizmodo reported Tuesday, the quick experiment involves a refreshingly short list of easily attainable products for successful reenactment:

  • Approximately 1 whiteboard marker
  • Approximately 1 esteemed stick figure artist
  • Approximately 2 human hands, one for filming and one for pouring
  • Approximately one flat surface or piece of furniture about which you give zero fucks
  • Approximately one helping of water

But just so we're absolutely clear: There is no real-world magic, sorcery, or other related fuckery involved with this visual treat. Such a fact, however, isn't stopping anyone from kicking their panic into overdrive at the sight of a dancing stick figure:

Others are more aware of the absence of magic in human existence:

Perfectly reasonable explanations for this clip do exist, but feel free to speculate further as if they do not.