Owning and operating a small business is certainly a tough endeavour. Convenience stores are a perfect example of this notion, with many falling victim to petty theft on a regular basis. As awful as small crime truly is, video clips of convenience store crooks don't usually make the news. A sad soul running away with a candy bar is generally the least of our concern, but if you've read the headline of this article, you know that this bit of news isn't about your average thief. Luke’s Grocery and Snack Bar, a corner store in Toronto, Ontario, claims to be dealing with a group of bandit squirrels. Before you call them crazy, please refer to the above video, as well as this one below.

These videos are more than three months apart and shop owner, Paul Kim, says that this is a regular occurrence. How often does his store get hit by these rascally rodents? “This year, every day one or two chocolate bars are stolen from my store," Kim told Sun News“Squirrels come to my store and take sometimes small chips, sometimes chocolate bars and they run away". It has become quite the dilemma for Kim, who now films the evidence and posts it onto YouTube. While these creatures are unlikely to be brought to justice, they're still valiantly chased out of the store.

The footage of the looting squirrels has been landing on major news outlets, and while Luke's is losing chocolate bars daily, they're enjoying some viral fame in the process. If you're looking to support the establishment while they recover from this trauma, you can pick up some chocolate at their location on 635 Logan Ave. In the meantime, stay alert and stay safe from any snack-grabbing squirrels in Toronto.