In the age of the internet, it might be hard for some to dispute tales that actual living people are telling to reporters and outlets, especially if they are heartfelt. The story of this comedian Dan Nainan, though? Judging by the number of news organizations that have gotten quotes and stories from him in the last 16 years, to the point where he's been noted multiple times of being a 35-year-old millennial? It's amazing that he's still being hit up by outlets these days.

The Daily Beast recently posted a deep dive into his life, and it's astonishing that dude has gotten away with so many lies. Forbes recently did a story on Nainan and him being a millionaire millennial comedian back in December, and he was quoted in a number of articles, all calling him 35. Sounds all well and good... but when the Beast did some digging, they found out that dude isn't 35 at all; he's 55. For real; dude apparently caught a charge for fighting a former Daily Beast in 2013, and the police report from that time frame said his age range was around 52.

What's worse? Googling his name isn't hard, and would easily pull up how he's in fact "well over 50 years old." There's an entire website for it. The Daily Beast went in and actually got dude on the phone; for some reason he's still copping pleas, saying that he's definitely 35 and there was some kind of mistake on his birth record.

Why is dude lying about his age? Who knows; some people just feel like they need to continuously lie about their age. He doesn't even look like he's in his thirties, though. Like, at all. And truth be told, even if he HAS been lying, what's good with the lack of fact-checking his age throughout the news media when it comes to this guy? Is he that convincing, or do people just not give that much of a fuck?

Either way, it's 2017: let's fix up and get these goddamn ages right.