Protests erupted across Washington D.C. ahead of Donald Trump’s Friday inauguration, as citizens who oppose the new President clashed with police and smashed store windows in a shocking display of defiance.

One protester in particular was able to sum up the sentiment behind the protests in just a few words. Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins was on the scene of a protest in the nation’s capital on Thursday night, and asked a young boy about a nearby fire that had since been extinguished.

“My name’s Conner and I actually kinda started this fire,” the boy told Jenkins. Jenkins then asked young Conner why he started the fire, and his response pretty much sums up the way more than half the country is feeling at this very moment. “Because I felt like it,” he said, defiantly.  “I’m just saying, screw our president.”

A more eloquent explanation of the reasoning behind the protests came from Lacy MacAuley, a spokeswoman for DisruptJ20, the inauguration protest group calling for a "bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump," according to its website.

"We have to really be concerned about this dangerous direction our country is going in," MacAuley told Jenkins. "When you come for our communities, when you come for us, and when you try to violate our rights, we will resist."