If you are in the niche group of snake lovers who also like to rock gauges in your ears, you might want to make sure your little buddy isn't near your open ear lobe, or they might just take up residence in your earlobe.

Ashley Glawe shared the story during a recent trip to the hospital to have her snake extracted from her earlobe. "I was holding my #SNAKE and his #DUMB ASS saw a hole, which just so happened to be my fuckin #EARLOBE, and thought that it would be a bright idea to #ATTEMPT to make it through." Glawe went on to say that her snake, bart, was stuck in her ear, and she had to go to the hospital to have him removed.

Don't worry, though; Bart's fine. Doctors were reportedly able to make a small incision in Ashley's earlobe, and with a little Vaseline, Bart was able to slide out with no problem.

Again, word to the wise: gauges and pet snakes don't mix. Don't get caught out here slippin'.