Just days after a humongous alligator was spotted just casually strolling a preserve in Florida, new video footage has emerged of an alligator trying to hitch a ride with a Missouri-based couple during a boating excursion in Florida.

Lucky for us, it was all caught on Facebook Live.

As the story goes, during their boat ride, the boat got stuck in a mud bank. While the driver of the boat was trying to get the boat free, Tylor Hindery decided to get some clips of a gator who was chilling a bit too close to the boat for his Facebook Live gang. While it would appear that the gator might've just been trying to get into the water, what happened was that he ended up hopping right into the boat.

As you can see, all hell immediately broke loose. The couple didn't have to trip out for too long, though; the quick-thinking driver ended up chasing the 'gator, spooking it to the far side of the boat where it, eventually, hopped into the water.

Something tells me Tylor and his wife Emerald are glad the driver thought of spooking the gator. One of them could've ended up lunch instead of one of the screaming folks on that stream.