Ask anyone under the age of 30 if they’ve ever seen a full episode of Jeopardy, and they’re likely to choke on their LaCroix in a fit of laughter. That’s because in today’s digital landscape, when most of our attention spans are shorter than the time it takes Usain Bolt to cross the finish line in the 100 yard dash, sitting down to watch a 53-year-old trivia show in its entirety is a surprisingly daunting task.

Clearly, the minds behind the Alex Trebek-hosted quiz show have realized that the key to maintaining its cultural relevance is by engineering segments with the specific goal of having them go viral online, and over the years, they’ve adapted accordingly.

Remember when Trebek savaged a contestant for liking Nerdcore hip-hop? That clip went viral. Or, how about that time he flawlessly rapped the Fresh Prince theme song? Yep, that went viral too. In fact, over the last couple of years, Trebek has become a living, breathing meme generator—a kind of spirit grandfather of the internet. So when last Thursday’s show saw the 70-year-old host read out popular memes for a playful internet-themed category, it felt like Jeopardy had finally come full circle.

So if you’ve ever wanted to see Trebek say things like “yas queen,” “dad bod,” and “squad goals,” watch the clip above. And now that the show has officially reached peak internet, where does it go from here? We’re guessing it won't be long until we found out.