If there's one thing that's all the rage with the kids these days, it's having sex with their teachers. The most recent example of this very much in vogue trend comes from Dallas, Texas. It was there that 27-year-old educator Sandy Doan was blackmailed out of more than $28,000 by a 14-year-old student because, apparently, the little fuc--uh--teen doesn't realize how little most teachers make.

Investigators say that Doan was extorted via threatening text messages to her cell phone that threatened to reveal her relationship with the unnamed student. After she would receive the texts she would make drop-offs throughout the city. This went on for nearly a year.

Her attempts to pay up in order to hide her criminal secret didn't work, however, as she was arrested on January 20. According to an arrest warrant the scheme completely fell apart when the boy's mother wondered why her 14-year-old son had so much money. Doan was subsequently charged with having an improper relationship with a student, as well as sexual assault.

The student met Doan at his middle school, where she was a math/social studies teacher who also coached cross country. Their relationship started, like most do, with Kik, text, and Instagram messages, before eventually escalating into romantic conversations on the phone.

According to an affidavit July 2015 is when they began to have sex, after Doan picked up the student and drove him to a nearby park. Future boning sessions took place in November and December of the same year. A search warrant also revealed that Doan had sent the youngster several explicit texts and a picture of her boobs.

A few days after their December tryst, Doan began to receive the threatening texts. Throughout 2016 they came from several phone numbers, and were said to have "a demanding tone."

"(Ain’t) bullsh*t watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready!" one said, according to The Washington Post. "To show the cops right I (ain’t) playing." Doan complied with the demands by taking money out or her bank account and also taking payday loans. Though she made the payments, she continued to have sex with the same teen. It's unclear if she suspected him of being her blackmailer or not.

After he began receiving the money the mother of the student says that her son became unruly. He disappeared for days, spent the dough on drugs and alcohol, and had been in and out of the juvenile court system on charges of burglary and robbery (huh?). "He would probably get money and just leave the whole weekend,” she said. “I wouldn’t hear from him. I’d be out looking for him.”

After growing suspicious she snooped through his phone where she found the explicit texts. By her estimate, she believes the most recent payment came on January 9, it was for $1,500. After figuring out what was going on she contacted school administrators who, in turn, contacted the police.

Seems like there are a lot of takeaways from this story (don't mess up a good thing, lock your phone, etc.). But, most importantly, let it serve as yet another reminder not to fuck your students.

Seems like there's a lot of teachers not following that rule these days.

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