Do you want to get your message to the president-elect's ear, but aren't famous enough to snag a Kanye West-style invitation to Trump Tower? The New York Times reported Thursday that some folks with five figures to burn are attempting to gain access to the Trump inner circle by bidding on a chance to have coffee with Ivanka Trump.

The auction, which ends on Tuesday (place your bids here!) takes place on the website Charitybuzz, was put on by the Eric Trump Foundation, and the proceeds are set to go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The bidders contacted by the Times were open about the political motivations for their bids. One wanted information about the incoming administration's stance on Turkey in order to protect his investments there. Another, the owner of a restaurant chain, wanted to advocate for leniency on immigration. 

After being contacted by the paper, Eric Trump said he was considering shutting down the auction. Ethics lawyers asked about the auction unsurprisingly said it was a problem because of Ivanka's obvious political influence, as well as her husband's, top Trump adviser Jared Kushner. Both of them have been at major political meetings, including this week's sit-down with technology leaders.

As of press time, bidding on the auction was up do $72,888, so start saving your pennies!