A vandal broke into the Wayne County Republican Party headquarters in Goldsboro, North Carolina this week and defaced a mural of former president Ronald Reagan with graffiti tattoos that you might be able to recognize.

According to the News & Observer, the vandal kicked in a door to the downtown Goldsboro building and spray-painted tattoos on Reagan’s face. The tear drops are similar to Lil Wayne’s and the ice cream cone is Gucci Mane’s. The inverted cross, of course, is a black metal/Satanic staple (Odd Future are also fans).

The mural, which shows Reagan wearing a cowboy hat, is a tourist attraction. It also includes the North Carolina flag, elephants, and an image of the World Trade Center burning from the 9/11 incident.

Wayne County GOP Chairman Brent Heath notes the vandal scratched out the word ‘Republican’ and replaced it with a misspelled word that’s an offensive slur to gay people. The vandal wrote “(Expletive) Trump and da opps” on the mural. 

GOP officials say nothing was missing and all the damage was directed to the mural. A report has been filed with the Goldsboro police department. No arrests have been made yet.

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