In a symbolic move against the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and refugee rhetoric and and expected policies from president-elect Donald Trump, the Obama administration will dismantle a now dormant 9/11-era registry. The registry, which hasn't been in use since 2011, was set up by the George W. Bush administration to track visitors to the United States from countries with known terrorist groups, the New York Times reports

The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NEERS) is one that Trump has said he plans to resurrect in order to track Muslims, which many believe to be a serious violation of civil liberties. Trump's so-called "Muslim registry" and promises to ban immigrants and refugees from the U.S. are causing a great deal of concern in progressive communities, who fear further violations of civil liberties and human rights for Muslim Americans and Muslims abroad.

Department of Homeland Security spokesperson Neema Hakim said in a statement, "The intervening years have shown that NSEERS is not only obsolete but that its use would divert limited personnel and resources from more effective measures," according to Reuters. The Department of Homeland security will dismantle the program by instituting a rule change, which will be effective immediately, Reuters further reports.

Answering questions about the attack in Turkey where the country's ambassador to Russia was shot and killed, Trump replied, "you know my plans," referring to his repeated promise to track Muslims, according to the New York Times. Despite Trump's remarks, Reuters reports that Trump transition officials told the outlet that Trump will not reinstate the program.