Late Friday night, the NYPD announced that they had suspended an officer for taking photos of a handcuffed family, and then putting them on Snapchat with mocking captions. However, ABC Eyewitness News reported that the NYPD is still not naming the officer, nor which squad he is a part of.

On Thursday, a family in Brownsville, Brooklyn had their home raided at 6:30 a.m. by NYPD officers. They placed everyone in handcuffs for the duration of the three-hour search, and then left. Kimberly Santiago, one of the people caught up in the raid, claimed that the warrant was for the wrong address (which the NYPD denies), and that the family did not even know the person named on the warrant.


To add insult to injury, two photos of the handcuffed family taken during the raid by one of the officers ended up on the (public) Snapchat feed "New York story." The captions read "Merry Christmas its NYPD!" [sic] and "Warrant sweeps Its still a party smh."

News 12 Brooklyn is reporting that the unnamed officer behind the Snaps has been suspended for 30 days without pay. The family feels the punishment isn't enough, and is advocating for the officer to lose his job.

"The things that he wrote, it's like, this what you all do?" Santiago asked. "If he did that to [us], picture how many other families he's done that to."