A man reached for a nontraditional weapon when another broke into his Raleigh, North Carolina home on Monday evening, beating the living daylights out of the home intruder with a piece of firewood. Local ABC News station WTVD reports that the intruder kicked in the door of the home he busted into, and was met with a piece of firewood to the face. 

In his mugshot, the unlucky home intruder, 27-year-old Matthew Lawrence Bergstedt, has two brutal looking black eyes and other injuries to his face. Apparently the break in was not a random one: WTVD reports that Bergstedt once had a relationship with the woman who used lived in the apartment he tried to bust into. 

According to WTVD, Bergstedt fled the scene and tried to hide in a vacant apartment nearby. Bergstedt was later arrested and charged with breaking and entering, as well as attempted breaking and entering. 

If Bergstedt's mugshot is any evidence, firewood makes a damn good home protection device, so would-be intruders beware during the cold months, at least in North Carolina. 

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