A 28-year-old man has been charged with two counts of first degree murder for "the gruesome deaths of his parents" over Thanksgiving break in Knoxville, Tennessee, according to police. The man, Joel Michael Guy Jr., allegedly killed and dismembered his parents shortly after spending Thanksgiving with his parents and three sisters, who said nothing seemed wrong at the time.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office said that the parents, 61-year-old Joel Michael Guy Sr. and 55-year-old Lisa Guy, "suffered vicious stab wounds as well as dismemberment." The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that the parents might've been tortured in addition to being stabbed multiple times with a knife.

There were signs of a struggle, and the parents' remains were scattered around in multiple rooms of the home. The son put some of the remains in a home-made "acid based solution in an attempt to destroy evidence," and the disturbing crime scene was so toxic that investigators had to use "specific bio-hazard equipment," including hazmat suits.

The son was arrested Tuesday evening in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he lives.

During Thanksgiving, his three sisters, who left the home on Friday, said nothing seemed wrong or unusual. According to the Washington Post, Guy, who withdrew from Louisiana State University last year, was unemployed and financially dependent on his parents. They had planned to tell him that they're cutting him off after Thanksgiving.

It's not clear whether or not that played a role in the murder, which police called "horrific," "disturbing," and "very gruesome." Police are considering the fact as a possible motive, but haven't reached any conclusions. The son has refused to talk to the police since they arrested him on Tuesday.

The bodies were found on Monday, after police checked on the residents after Lisa's co-workers called them when she didn't show up for work. Police believe that Guy killed his parents sometime "between Friday, November 25 and mid-day Saturday, November 26." Guy had arrived at his parents' house on Wednesday and then went back to Louisiana on Sunday—so he stayed with the remains for a considerable amount of time.

Guy has no criminal record and police don't think the son has any history of mental illness. According to The Advocate, Guy is still in Baton Rouge, where he'll having a hearing on Tuesday morning to decide whether he'll waive his right to an extradition hearing before being sent to Knoxville, where the crime occurred.