Feds' Investigation of Kansas Anti-Muslim Terror Plot Leads to Child Pornography Discovery

Authorities discover Patrick Eugene Stein, man in anti-Muslim terror plot, had a collection of child pornography.

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Federal authorities discovered child pornography during an investigation of an anti-Muslim terror plot in Kansas, reported the Kansas City Star Tuesday.  

About 250 sexually graphic images and two videos were found on property belonging to Patrick Eugene Stein, one of the three men being investigated for the terror plot, stated Kansas City federal court documents. Authorities found the images after using a search warrant at Stein’s home in Wright, Kansas, and the homes of the other two suspects in the terror plot. Authorities seized computer equipment as a result of the searches. The equipment was taken to Kansas City’s Heart of America Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory.

Court documents alleged that the examiner who had to review info on the equipment seized found two sexually graphic images of prepubescent girls on USB drives belonging to Stein. Momentarily halting the investigation, authorities got a federal search warrant to look for other child pornography, which is when they found the 250 photos of “child pornography/child erotica” and the two videos. Court records also showed Stein hasn’t been charged with anything else after the child pornography investigation.

Stein, along with Curtis Wayne Allen and Gavin Wayne Wright, faces conspiracy charges to use a weapon of mass destruction. In October the men were charged with terrorism for planning to set off a bomb at a Garden City, Kansas apartment complex which also served as a mosque.  

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