Now here’s a Festivus miracle worth writing about. Mary Thorn, the proud owner of Rambo the clothes-rocking alligator, has been granted legal permission by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to keep Rambo at home, reported the Associated Press. Thorn’s legal battle began in March of this year, when Rambo grew to six feet in length, a size legally requiring Rambo to have 2.5 acres of his own land to live.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesperson said Thursday officials came to an agreement with Thorn, a Lakeland, Florida resident, which would let her keep Rambo. Per the terms of the agreement, Thorn can’t “exhibit” Rambo, with Thorn telling FOX 13 she can’t take Rambo to charity events anymore.

“He's grown up with all my kids and stuff. Losing a member of your family is not cool, so I'm glad they decided the way they did," Thorn said. Not to mention, the decision came down just in time for the holidays, which Rambo seems to be a fan of, as seen in the photo above.

Thorn rescued the 15-year-old, 125 pound reptile when it was just 4 years old. In addition wearing clothes, Rambo also does other unorthodox things for an alligator, like play with dogs.  

Rambo has been trained by Thorn. She says Rambo knows how to stay still, on a log for example, until he’s told otherwise, unlike other alligators who go underneath the water. Rambo also doesn’t scratch, headbutt, or bite people, she claims.

"When he's smiling, I can kiss him all in the face," she said.