A fun night drinking with friends in Paris ended badly when one of the friends ended up dead after he was left outside naked in the cold, reported The Local

A group of five friends, including two men who are now facing charges of manslaughter for leaving their friend outside, were drinking last Saturday night in Seine-Saint-Denis, located in the northern suburbs of Paris. Besides the two men, only identified as being ages 28 and 35, there were two other friends there that night. The victim has been identified as being 35 years old.

"The victim, who had drunk more than the others, suddenly fell into a deep and unconscious sleep," a judicial source told the AFP news agency. While the man was asleep, the friends drew on his face "for laughs" and stripped him naked in what they’ve now said was an effort to stop the man from driving his car should he have woken up.

Two of the friends left the apartment leaving the eventual victim with the two friends who got “annoyed” by their friends’ snoring. "They decided to take him outside into the courtyard of the building," the source said. The man’s naked body was discovered the next day. Temperatures for that night are said to have been just above freezing.